Amazonian Goddess Set

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Listing includes:

One (1) pair of custom Amazonite Earrings, and one (1) Amazonite Neckpeace

Hand-made with 99.9% Pure Electrical Copper Wire.

No tools, machines, or duplicates.


Healing and Magical Uses

Speak your truth regardless of what anyone has to say. You don't need judgmentalenergy, and this magical Amazonite pendant will be sure to protect you from it!

Affirm your light - Speak Your Truth :: I AM TRUTH + I WILL SPEAK MY TRUTH

Did we mention this powerful neckpeace will also::..

  • soothe heavy energies and align your chakras
  • encourage loving communication
  • bring abundance, prosperity and good fortune [àṣẹ]
  • dispel negative and confrontational energy
  • absorb harmful frequencies and radiation (EMF protection)

Our words hold power, repeat after me:: I AM TRUTH + I SPEAK MY TRUTH.



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