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Product Details::..

Listing is for one (1) XS/S AMAZONITE Flow Bracelet 

Handmade with 99.9% Pure Electrical Copper Wire.

No tools, machines, or duplicates.

Healing + Magical Uses::..

Speak your truth regardless of what anyone has to say. You don't need judgmentalenergy, and this magical Amazonite ring will be sure to protect you from it!

Affirm your light - Speak Your Truth :: I AM TRUTH + I WILL SPEAK MY TRUTH

Did we mention this powerful ring will also::..

  • soothe heavy energies and align your chakras
  • encourage loving communication
  • bring abundance, prosperity and good fortune [àṣẹ]
  • dispel negative and confrontational energy
  • absorb harmful frequencies and radiation (EMF protection)

Our words hold power, repeat after me:: I AM TRUTH + I SPEAK MY TRUTH.



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