Copper Spiral NeckCuffs

Product Details::..

This listing is for one (1) Spiral NeckCuff. Choose between 3-6 Spiral Neckcuff options.

Crystal sold separately. Can be layered with single- tier neckpeaces. 

Spiral Neckcuffs are corset style tie in the back with copper metal cord.

Spiral NeckCuffs are MADE TO ORDER.

For centuries, copper coils have been used for their ability to::..

  • give low resistance to an energy current
  • become electromagnetic when energy flows through them
  • strengthen the aura and auric field of the body
  • increase magnetism + attraction

We wear our NeckCuffs increase our energy flow, level of awareness, strength, personal power, protection, magnetism, and more.

Neck Cuffs are intentional tools created to uplift and empower your highest self.

The more spirals the stronger the energy field.