Cowrie Current-Sea Bundle

Healing and Magical Uses

Cowrie Shells are ancient symbols of wealth and have been used for centuries as a form of currency. It is believed that ancient societies revered the cowrie shell and included it in various ritual practices, and daily life. Many cultures have included the cowrie totems in jewelry and sacred adornments dedicated to the gods. 
Cowrie shells are known to resemble the divine aspects of femininity and are deeply connected to the strength and power of the Ocean.  Cowrie shells are also connected to the energies of fertility and protection.

Wear this creation to add the alignment of femininity, wealth and protection.



Listing includes:

(1) pair of **Limited Edition** Cowrie Current-Sea Earrings


(1) **Limited Edition** Cowrie Current-Sea Necklace


the **Limited Edition** Cowrie Current-Seabundle which includes both.



Hand-made with 99.9% Pure Electrical Copper Wire.

No tools, machines, or duplicates.



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