God’s Flow Shungite Ring

This listing is for Artist's Choice "Free Flow" Ring.

You will NOT receive the exact ring pictured.

Your ring will be 100% UNIQUE and intuitively crafted for you!


Magical Uses: 

Shungite, an extraordinarily positive crystal, is known to magnetize the highest vibrations into physical existence. Shungite is most popular for being one of the very few natural materials to contain fullerenes which are powerful antioxidants. For this reason, Shungite is a crystal frequently used to detoxify and recrystallize water, in its entirety.

Wear this creation to effectively ward off Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation while experiencing the electric and moving parts of your life with a feeling of being grounded.

Product Details:

Adjustable God’s Flow Shungite Ring | Free Size

 99.9% Pure Copper Wire. No tools, machines, or duplicates