Listing is for One (1) Large Raw Hematite Neckpeace with Large WAH Collar (Flat).

Hand -made with 100% Pure Electrical Copper Wire.

No tools, machines, or duplicates.

Healing and Magical Uses
The mighty Raw Hematite, has a black luster and gorgeous shine that pays homage to the abundant and grounding view of a starry night sky. Use the bold strength of the Hematite in clearing away negative feelings from stress, anxiety, and illusion.

Known as one of the best Root Chakra tools, Hematite works in pulling excess negative energy from the aura to the Root Chakra, where it neutralizes the harmful effects. Strengthen your nervous system, walk tall during your journey, and ward of harmful EMF radiation when wearing this amulet.

Wear this creation to effectively ward off Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and Radiation while experiencing a sense of grounded protection and electricity.


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