ROSE QUARTZ | Face Rollers

Healing and Magical Uses::.


Use this magical roller to affirm self-love for face and body care. Speak love affirmations aloud while using... I LOVE MYSELF AND I RADIATE LOVE 💕  

Rose Quartz is the universal stone of love. It is known for its ability to sooth and restore the vibrant energy of the heart chakra.  Rose Quartz is amazing for assisting with trust, communication, unity, and unconditional love within relationships.

Rose Quartz carries the softness of feminine energy and reminds us of compassion, peace, tenderness, nurture, comfort, and healing.  Rose Quartz is a great stone for self- love and allows one the capacity to give and receive love.

Rose Quartz is also great for pregnant and nursing women, as well as young children.


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