Product Details::..

Listing is for one (1) intuitively selected Shiva Lingam Crystal

Each stone is one of a kind and 100% natural from India. Slight variations will occur. Please note: Minor scrapes/ scratches is normal for this crystal.  

Approx 2 inches (small) | large 4-4.5 inches

Healing + Magical Uses::..

Shiva Lingam is a powerful stone known to increase vitality and prana (life force energy) throughout the body. It represents regenerative power and is a highly revered stone in India (Hindu Religion). These rare, sacred egg shaped stones are from the Narmada River in India. Each egg shaped stone is unique, with its own patterns and swirls. The shape of these stones is believed to represent the male energy and the pattern the female energy.

Shiva Lingam is also known to be a powerful fertility stone, and can be used during love making to facilitate conception. Shiva Lingam stones are commonly used in worship, crystal healing and chakra work.