Twisted Metal Earrings

Listing is for (1) pair of Twisted Metal Earrings. Choose between pure Copper earrings, or a mixture of Silver, Copper, and Gold. Also, choose between small or large earrings.

Hand -made with 100% Pure Electrical Copper, Sterling Silver, or 14k Gold- filled Wire.

No tools, machines, or duplicates.

Healing + Magical Uses

Twisted Metal is similar to Tensor Rings. When Copper is twisted, it becomes a superconductor that is able to neutralize magnetic fields. Twisted metal is an infinite source of energy, and stabilizes the bio-electric field of the body.

Our Twisted Metal earrings are very powerful and the energy can truly be felt. Use these earrings to manifest positive thoughts and to actively visualize the future you want. Create a shield of protection and stabilize your aura!

When we combine metals, such as copper, sterling silver, and gold, the energy can be felt even more and the healing properties of each metal work in sync to provide a powerful energetic shift to the wearer.

This is a Made to order item, subtle differences will occur. 
Everything is handmade and one of a kind, if you see something you love, please be sure to claim it before it’s too late!