Zambian Citrine NeckPeace | “I AM IN MY BAG”

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Healing + Magical Uses::..

This Citrine is hand wrapped in copper wire.

Citrine – the stone of Bliss, Godfidence, and Solar Power.

Empowering your Solar Plexus, Citrine crystals are known to guide you into the next chapter of your successfully growing life and ascension. Citrine is a powerful stone of abundance and manifestation; set your intentions with Citrine and watch your goals actualize.

The healing properties of Citrine increase with exposure to Sunlight! So be sure to soak some sun and bring your powerful amulet with you. 

Use this crystal to achieve long-cherished goals and new beginnings.

This Citrine is 100% natural.

*The source of this Citrine is Zambia. The rarity and quality of this Crystal makes for a very valuable peace for a very valuable - you. 


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