Abundance Is All Around Me

Listing is for One (1) "Abundance Is All Around Me"Neckpeace similar to the one pictured. 

You will NOT receive the exact necklace. Your necklace WILL be unique to you! 💚

Hand -made with Pure Electrical Copper Wire.

No tools, machines, or duplicates.

Healing and Magical Uses

Pyrite is a great crystal to use for manifestation and activating abundance. Pyrite helps to align the chakras and works with the solar plexus chakra to heighten our perception of self.

Pyrite is a powerful tool for grounding as well, and can help us to activate our personal power.

Quartz is a master healer crystal and is known to amplify the properties of other crystals.


Over time copper may tarnish or oxidize. Copper can be easily polished with our polishing pads.


Everything is handmade and one of a kind, thus subtle differences will occur!