What are PowerCuffs and why are they so POWERFUL?? 

The physics behind PowerCuffs can get super confusing (science), so here it is simplified*

    Copper is a conductor of energy and helps to keep our energy flowing.
    Due to copper’s conductivity, when coiled (circular turns), copper becomes an electromagnetic coil and creates an electromagnetic field. 
    The number of turns (size of the coil) strengthens the magnetic field created, and the thickness of the copper lowers its resistance and increases its energy potential.
    Iron (highly drawn to magnets) is usually added to the middle of coils, in order to increase the magnetic flux (or total magnetic field) created.
    Because Iron is an essential element for blood production (hemoglobin) and runs abundantly throughout our bodies, when we put on our PowerCuffs a natural phenomenon occurs...
      Our magnetism gets STRONGER and we feel even more POWERFUL.
      Which amplifies your energy and acts as a protective shield. 

      PowerCuffs are indeed #Powerful by design. 

       **The more tiers (coils) and the thicker the gauge (the large size of copper we use) the more powerful the properties of the cuffs.



      To make arm cuffs more standardized, we've shifted to XS-XL sizing. To be 100% sure of which size is best for you - please feel free to measure your arms.

      To properly measure your arms for cuffs, please measure the thickest part of your arm (or where you would like your cuffs to sit) + your elbow and hand, to be sure cuffs will properly slide up your arm.

      XS= 9- 9.5" | S= 10- 10.5"| M= 11- 11.5" | L= 12- 12.5" | XL= 13- 13.5"

      If you don’t see your exact arm size, please round up to the nearest # or contact us. Measurements are based in inches.

      PowerCuffs are slightly adjustable, however be sure to measure your arms as accurately as possible.