Frequently Asked Questions

What metals do you use?

We use 100% pure electrical copper wire to maximize the healing properties and conductivity of each energy peace.

Do you work with Silver or Gold?

Yes, of course! We work with .925 Sterling Silver (or .999 Silver per request), and Gold-filled (or Pure Gold per request). Most peaces can be made with gold or silver (or a mixture of metals), depending on the desired structure/ design.

We definitely encourage the use of gold and/ or silver as each metal has its own energetic healing properties.

How do I clean my copper peaces?

Over time copper may naturally oxidize or patina to look more antique. This is okay, as some people prefer the appearance of antiqued copper. However, if you would like to brighten your copper peaces, follow the outlined steps below:

For small/ intricate copper peaces (such as ankhs, eyes, crystals, etc.) simply soak your peace(s) in white vinegar for approx 3-5 mins (or until desired color is reached), then rinse thoroughly with water. Dry off your copper peaces, and wear as normal.
For larger peaces (such as PowerCuffs/ Power Bracelets, necklaces, etc.) simply brighten your copper peaces with steel wool. Grab a piece of steel wool, and scrub back and forth until the shine is visible. Repeat over the entirety of your peace.

Be sure to wash your hands of any lingering oils or body butters first.* For your safety: goggles and gloves are advised —steel wool has small fibers that may poke and/or penetrate skin.

Alternately, wearing your peaces on top of your attire will produce a high glossy shine, that may help to brighten your peaces over time.

How do I cleanse my crystal(s)?

Over time your crystals may need to be cleansed or “reset”. There are various ways to do this; however, we recommend using sage smoke + your intentions to cleanse the energy of your crystals.

Simply allow the smoke to flow above/ around your crystals and focus your thoughts on the cleansing and balancing of energy in your crystals at the same time.

Please Note: there are numerous ways to cleanse and charge your crystals. Please feel free to research the different ways to cleanse the energy of crystals, to see what most resonates with you.

How do Miami based orders work?

We currently do not offer local pickup; all Miami based orders will be shipped.

Please check back periodically for updates on local pop-up shops and events

Do you wrap personal stones?

Yes, of course! We love wrapping personal crystals/ stones. Custom wrap prices vary depending on the size, style, and intricacy of the crystal (and wrap) and no two are ever alike.

Custom wraps start at $55 as that is the minimum price for a custom wrap request. The $55 serves as a non- refundable deposit price that guarantees you a custom wrap slot.

Please Note: Payment guarantees a custom wrap slot, but does not mean your order is next in line. All orders are handmade by one woman, so your patience is greatly appreciated. Once the deposit is paid, we will begin working with you to discuss the design/ specifics of your custom peace. However, your peace will not be created until it is next in line.

Please contact us, if you have any questions.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! However, before getting started, we require a $150 non-refundable deposit for custom orders. This ensures that the time spent thinking of concepts and setting aside a space for your order is accounted for. Once the deposit is paid, we can work towards figuring out an overall concept and price for your peace.

All custom orders start at $300 per peace and increase based on a number of factors (such as design, intricacy, size, time, materials, difficulty, etc). It generally takes 4-8 weeks to hand-create and ship custom order peaces (although the actual time is based on the number of orders ahead of yours).

Please Note: Your space is not reserved until payment is received. Payment guarantees a custom order spot, but does not mean your order is next in line. All orders are handmade by one woman, so your patience is greatly appreciated. You will be contacted once we are ready to take your order. If you need your order by a certain date, please let us know beforehand.

We will do our best to accommodate, although some orders may require a $35+ rush order fee. Please view the "Custom Order" listing to reserve your custom order slot today!

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